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28 June 2007 @ 11:02 pm
The silence proves me dead  
"To expect to die is a miserable sensation, and the longer the expectation lasts the deeper the misery. There is nothing ennobling about it, nothing uplifting. It is too brutal and too cold.” - taken from Noel Mostert’s book Supership.

I'm choking in this darkness
Locked inside these walls of steel
All my screaming sends back echoes
Of a terror all too real.

There is no escape from conscience
Nothing stays my mind's phenol
All the empty bitter rhythms
Burn their tattoos on my soul.

If I could suffocate in misery
Or drown inside my fear
Perhaps this fate would seem less bitter
And the air would cease its fleer.

All my heartbeats seem to tremble
Every pause gasps in my head
Without fighting I slip under
And the silence proves me dead.

Author's note: "Phenol" is a highly corrosive, poisonous crystaline acidic compound. It is a general name for carbolic acid, and in concetrated form can dissolve a person's flesh.

To "Fleer" is to laugh or grimace in a coarse, derisive manner.
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