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03 August 2007 @ 02:17 pm

~~~ Visions Presented ~~~

Once, I pledged to you my mind, body, heart and soul
And was dutifully informed as to how each was lacking;
That you would not settle on your quests in life for all that I could then offer.

Today, you now say that you desire to help me in my troubled times,
Yet the actions of your deeds are painful to us both
And they knowingly draw more blood than ease from their coerced discourse.

All the while, you say you have reached a point of critical meltdown
And that you must demand my time and need to see me 
To state the justifications of your past and present actions.

You tell me how your needs out way those of mine
And how you demand my attention, still you offer none of your own.
You seek to command our conversations to qualify your most recent ultimatums.

Still, when I again state my own needs and desires
You seek to instruct me how my response is curt and how I will not to listen to you.
About how I remain lacking and wanting in my concerns for you.

Because I choose not to indulge you in your destructive disillusions, born from your self-persecution,
And because I continue seeking to offer what truth I can, I am damned by you in your enticing embrace
For not finding for you the answers to your dreams...

~~ T.S. Othydon ~~~