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Catharsis Breeds Catharsis

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Ray Of Light
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This is a community where members are encouraged to share insights, enlightenments, art, poetry and musings... Whether Calliope hit you over the head with a 2x4 or you are seeking some inspiration, this is a good place to express yourself and learn from others' expressions.

Ray Of Light

Through pain laced fear I see
The road divides here
I stand at the intersection
Not sure which way to go
Both pathways look sinister
One is a way well traveled by me
The other a lonely and daunting path
Both seem to share the pain
That I feel inside
Uncertainty weighs me down
My heart cries out
With a longing so deep
I want to be happy and free
But do I fulfill my desires
Before my needs?
My head screams warnings
That my heart can't hear
How long will I stand here
Wavering with indecision
Breaking vows and promises
Or breaking my own heart
No insight forthcoming
Tears forming futility
Falling unheeded by no one
The anguish welling up
Consuming my soul
Slowly I shake my head
Close my eyes and choose
Silently praying that
The loneliness will be short
And at the end
The darkness vanquished
Gradually my feet move
Towards the unknown
Embracing the daunting task
Set before me
I harden my heart
And go searching
For my ray of light

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